If you follow the best performing brokerages in America, then you know that Minneapolis based RE/MAX Results outshines every firm in one very important statistic; they boast the highest production per agent in the nation. This week, they announced that they are providing their Sales Executives with a Super App, and are among the first firms in America to do so.

At the heart of this success is the leadership of RE/MAX Results CEO, Brenda Tushaus, and Director of Product Strategy and Launch, Nicole Biczkowski. Together, they support their sales executives through 28,000 trades a year, which is an average of 24 transactions per agent. When this firm licenses products for their agents to better serve their customers, the bar is very high. They are very selective because they understand that their sales professionals will only tolerate the best.

In a news release this week, RE/MAX Results shared two announcements. They are launching Milestones Homeowner Portals; and, have launched a new joint venture mortgage company with California-headquartered Kind Lending called Results Home Mortgage.

Both of these efforts serve toward the firm’s mission – to select the most capable people in real estate, provide the best, most streamlined operational infrastructure, management by participation, and the highest standards of professionalism.

milestones logo

From the press release:

With this launch, RE/MAX Results is among the first brokerage firms in the nation to deliver a comprehensive solution to customer portals that collapses multiple disparate software applications into one. “Our sales executives are our customers,” says Tushaus, “and we deliver tools like Homebot, Tribus websites and CRM, Skyslope, and many more great products. Unfortunately, this creates a disjointed experience for customers. Milestones consolidates all of those services into one place and makes some of those services redundant.”

Homeowners are only going to need one portal or “hub” to manage their home, just like consumers need only one to manage their health. This, along with Zillow’s planned “super app”, designed to steal the consumer’s eyes away from the Realtor or Loan Officer, is causing the increase in demand for companies to get Milestones implemented for their agents and loan officers quickly.

It is great to see leading real estate firms deploy strategies that provide the best possible experience for homeownership. One of the biggest problems in our industry is that most agents ghost their clients after the trade closes. Lame-drip campaigns from CRMs do not serve the consumer effectively; they just want help with homeownership. It’s great to see RE/MAX Results address this problem head-on, and would expect that their high standard of 24 transactions per agent will only climb with these customer for life strategies.