Many MLSs around the nation add WAV Group to their member communications so that we may collaborate on best practices. Please reach out to Victor Lund if you want to participate in this program. There is no cost and we will write about these best practices from time to time. One excellent program that we would like to share this week is the MLS Briefing in 60 Seconds by the Miami Association of REALTORS®.

Communication sent to MLS subscribers is among the most challenging tasks facing the MLS industry today. Simply stated, it takes dedication, persistence, and repetition to reach even a fraction of the total subscribers to the MLS. The communicator’s dilemma is balancing the complaints. On one hand, subscribers complain that they are being spammed by the MLS (and their partner vendors) and on the other hand, subscribers complain that they were “never told” about MLS products and services. At once, the MLS communicates too much and too little.

Miami condo plans

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Back in the mid 2000s, blogging was the conference topic of the day, followed by Social Media, Video, Blockchain, and now we have AI. To close the communication gap, WAV Group created a solution called RE Technology that launched in selected markets in 2009 and now reaches over 750,000 agents today. If you are interested in offering RE Technology as a member benefit, please contact Marilyn Wilson. We would be happy to make the service available in your area. re technology high res logoRE Technology is not a news site – it is purely about how brokers, teams, and agents can leverage technology in the best possible way to benefit their business. Moreover, the site highlights the member benefits and premium products in every MLS area. When an MLS subscriber is looking for a product like Floor Plans, and a solution like CubiCasa is a partner with the MLS, that service is highlighted on RE Technology at the top of the Floor Plan product list. In a not so subtle way, RE Technology drives product adoption and awareness of the MLS services. 

What we have learned over the years is that communications work most effectively when you deploy a surround sound strategy. This includes press releases, in person events, office meetings, long form webinars, message of the day, newsletters, email blasts, and social media posts. This year, Miami REALTORS® launched two video campaigns: MLS Briefing in 60 Seconds and Miami Products and Services Easy as 1-2-3.

Miami dashboard

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As you can see, Miami has deployed playlists to allow agents to binge watch these episodes. They are short and sweet. The short timeline encourages engagement. The length is also ideal for social media posts.

There are a few tips and tricks when you use video that really help – particularly the meta data. When you provide a detailed description or write up of the video episode, they will be indexed better by search engines and the description will often drive additional click-through rates.

Excellent job Miami REALTORS®!