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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side of AIThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side of AI

The title of this 1966 Western film provides a fitting description of this week’s AI developments.

First, the Good.

Who would have thought that using AI to create art could be a good thing? Case in point: Former New Orleans Saints artist and ALS activist Steve Gleason is using AI to generate art, issuing his first releases since losing the ability to move his limbs.

This report by Axios New Orleans’ Chelsea Brasted tells the beautiful side of AI and is chock full of goodness.

It also notes this fresh take on AI and art:

“While there are detractors, some artists have likened AI to the invention of the camera, a cultural game-changer that eventually became just another medium in an artist’s toolbox.”

Steve’s new collection, “Resilient Spirit,” debuted at a private showing this week and will be on display in NOLA at The Nieux on St. Charles Avenue.

Now, the Bad.

At TED2024 this week – dubbed “The Brave and the Brilliant – an AI-related talk stood out.

Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind cofounder and newly anointed Microsoft AI chief, suggested we consider AI “a new kind of digital species.”

He argued that we need to better understand the AI we are building and that our current mental models fall short. So, he offered, “I think AI should best be understood as a new digital species.”

Is this AI comment hyperbole on steroids? Or is it prophecy? Time will tell, but the thought of this? The timing seems very, very bad.

It’s hard to imagine how these types of comments will foster innovation and instead contribute to those trying to do a hard pull on the safety break to slow down the development of AI.

Finally, the Ugly.

This week, an AI-generated movie debuted from low-budget TV maker TCL.

The trailer for the rom-com Next Stop Paris is so bad, so fake, and so poorly executed in so many ways – it’s 100% ugly AI.

A press release calls it “a short romance movie, featuring professional voice actors and an original script, but brought to life with the latest AI animation technology, a leap forward in romance storytelling. Next Stop Paris will make its debut this summer online…”

TCL could only debut this “movie” online because the studio would have to pay people to see this mess on the big screen.

But don’t take it from us. Here is the trailer for Next Stop Paris:


AI Fast FactsAI Five Facts

  1. 46% of US adults think AI technology is being developed too fast – Ispos
  2. Two-thirds of Gen Zers surveyed said they would be interested in an AI assistant that walks them through a website or product feature – Survey Monkey
  3. Only 5% of marketers rely entirely on AI to write content for them – HubSpot
  4. Three out of every five senior sales and marketing executives interviewed believed the impact of AI on lead identification would be significant – McKinsey
  5. 44% of businesses are planning to use ChatGPT’s translation capabilities to write content in other languages – Forbes

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AI Quote of the WeekMustafa Suleyman AI Quote of the Week

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