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In the Tech Titans series, Marilyn Wilson Lund, CEO of WAV Group and RE Technology, interviews visionary leaders in real estate technology, including Annie Ives, CEO of VestaPLUS and The MLS, as well as Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones, to list a couple. Listen to their inspiring stories and experiences and learn how new solutions can solve the everyday problems you and your clients face. Capture the vision of where real estate is going, why it is going there — and in some cases, where we should try to take it instead. 

frank tech titanThis month, RE Technology launched the Tech Titans series. This series of executive interviews celebrates individuals who are delivering outstanding technology solutions to the real estate industry. In the inaugural Tech Titans session, we celebrate Constant Contact CEO, Frank Vella. He shares how Constant Contact is committed to their mission of leading the real estate industry with the best solution for bulk email. Constant Contact is pioneering the integration of AI technology to overcome the blank page challenge and provide powerful and customizable tools for digital communications and marketing for all sizes of companies. The end result is improvement in bulk mail deliverability and reader engagement.

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