WAV Group works with real estate brokerages and franchises to select technology vendors for their business. One of the more than a dozen firms that we encourage brokers to review in their selection process is Inside Real Estate. If you would like an overview of your technology platform, please contact Victor Lund or David Gumpper.

About the BoldTrail brand launch

Inside Real Estate is the story of a 21st century pioneer in real estate technology that embarked on a perilous journey through the wilderness of real estate agents, teams, brokers, and MLS data feeds. The company started their journey by satisfying the needs of real estate agents, and then teams, followed by brokerages, and rising to the peak with franchises and national firms. Today, they announce that their kvCORE, BrokerSumo, BrokerMint, and AmpStats brands will evolve into one cohesive brand and one cohesive technology solution.


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BoldTrail is their victory. 

The Inside Real Estate success story captures the theme of the frontier era, highlighting the bravery, resilience, and resourcefulness required to survive in such a harsh environment. Over time, they developed a central theme of driving innovation toward real customer outcomes. The company was looking for a brand that would encompass its passion and commitment for doing the hard stuff – building technology, training and support that helped their brokers, teams and franchise blaze new trails of revenue streams and most importantly, profitability.

BoldTrail has developed a team of “Trail Guides” to help their customers aspire to a new gold standard, the Bold Standard. The Bold that are not afraid to move forward, even in harsh conditions through uncharted paths. To survive in today’s challenging real estate climate, brokers need strong, brave and smart technology partners. Fortune favors the Bold. If this sounds a little like a western novel, that’s because it is!  The book Bold Trail, authored by Samuel Garrison, is the story of a young trapper and his challenges and ultimate triumphs in the early days of America. It’s a western hero story. BoldTrail is setting out on a course to help every one of their customers to brave the storm and come out the other side WAY ahead. Although the book did not inspire the brand, the driving spirit is remarkable.

Today, Inside Real Estate’s BoldTrail platform has emerged from a pack of fierce competitors to reach the height of supporting more than 400,000 professionals. The company supports large firms or small, new brokers or established, all with the same promise – to deliver premium solutions with purpose and focus that drives profitability for their clients.

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Today’s broker must operate a platform. BoldTrail is one of a handful of broker tech companies that offer platforms today. A platform for real estate is something like SalesForce (which also started as a CRM) or NetSuite (which started as an accounting suite) for many enterprise businesses. A platform is not created by an acquire and wire shop. It’s a fully integrated, end to end solution designed to deliver efficiency and productivity that falls directly to the bottom line of a brokerage.

Platforms like BoldTrail, Delta Media, MoxiWorks, Tribus, Reliance and others represent a new era for real estate technology. Before 2001, brokers only cared about their website. They were not focused on the best ways to help their agents adopt the sales discipline they must have to brave the cold of limited inventory and high mortgage rates. They didn’t recognize that brokerages suffer from tight margins and redundancies, and too much software could lead a company off the cliff of confusion.

Today, the most profitable companies recognize that process efficiency, time to cash flow, and efficient use of working capital is the road to profitability. The smartest brokerages recognize they must have an end to end solution that makes it easier for them to help their agents effectively manage every step of the sales funnel from lead nurturing to maintaining a lifelong client/homeowner relationship. The modern brokerage tech stack – Front Office, Back Office, Partner Marketplace, and Homeownership – all fully integrated with workflows that seamlessly blend the user experience, generate cash flow, and drive bottom line profitability to create a legacy for generations to come.

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The firm worked with New York based sustena group for the rebrand. Sustena works with a lot of private equity backed companies. They embarked on the difficult rebranding journey that involves listening to stakeholders, proposing many themes and ideas, and finding the brand vision that truly encompasses the spirit and soul of the company.

I love that Inside Real Estate still embodies the spirit of a start-up. They are not afraid to take a deep look inside and continue to evolve to make sure they are doing everything in their power to make their customers as relevant and profitable as they can be. Since they started to make waves on the real estate technology scene  in 2016, they have continued to give off the entrepreneurial vibe despite their enormous expansion. Perhaps it’s because the company is full of many business founders that have stayed actively engaged in the leadership and direction-setting for the company.


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A brand is a promise. For Inside Real Estate, their new promise is BoldTrail.