• Ocusell is a new technology firm that is solving an old problem for the real estate industry. Learn more about their solution by using the free coupon code - Ocusell
  • This paper will provide you with an understanding of the emergence of standards adoption from three different classes of our industry the brokerage class (Upstream, Dash), the MLS vendor class (Trestle™, Spark, The Grid ), and the technology vendor class (Bridge, Listhub).
  • Losing Top Agents and Teams to Disruptors? - Learn how Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty uses data to fight back!
  • A New Definition of Professionalism was written to demonstrate how using verified sources for square footage can increase your Professionalism and reputation.

  • WAV Group polled home buyers to better understand their perspectives about real estate commissions and the value their real estate agents deliver to them. The report explores homebuyers’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of how commissions work when buying a home. What is clear from the data is that buyers understand more of the process than they are often given credit for. Furthermore, transparency and consistent communication between agents and buyers led to higher levels of satisfaction.  

  • The Homeowners Under Management "Client for Life Reimagined" white paper, focuses on revamping the real estate industry's approach to retaining clients. Repeat and referral business plays a crucial role in the success of many real estate businesses, yet the emphasis on generating leads and conversions has often detracted from fostering strong agent-homeowner relationships, leading to low retention rates. This white paper delves into the crucial steps that can be taken to break away from the traditional transactional cycle and maximize the value of each client throughout their lifetime. Whether you are an individual agent or part of a brokerage, the strategies outlined in this paper can help you establish long-lasting, meaningful connections with your clients.    
  • WAV Group is thrilled to present its latest report on the current state of AI adoption in the residential real estate industry, with a specific focus on ChatGPT. As buzzwords like AI and ChatGPT continue to dominate industry conversations, WAV Group set out to provide a comprehensive snapshot of how this technology is being embraced within the industry. To gather valuable insights, we conducted an extensive online survey targeting real estate agents, brokers, association members, and MLS staff. Through their responses, we discovered compelling examples of how agents are already harnessing the power of ChatGPT, and we're excited to showcase these use cases in our report. By exploring the innovative ways in which ChatGPT is utilized, you'll gain practical knowledge that can help you join the ranks of early adopters. We've also compiled a curated collection of the finest real estate technology companies that have integrated this transformative technology into their products and services. From powering cutting-edge features to driving innovative solutions, these industry leaders serve as shining examples of how AI, and particularly ChatGPT, can revolutionize the real estate technology landscape. Join us as we delve into the realm of AI in real estate, uncovering its current applications and paving the way for future possibilities. Be part of the movement by accessing our report and unlocking the immense potential that ChatGPT holds for your real estate endeavors. Use promo code “ChatGPT” at checkout to download your free copy.

  • Homebuyer Frustration Report Even under the most ideal purchasing conditions, buying a home can be a stressful process. The Homebuyer Frustration report asked homeowners who purchased during the post-pandemic housing market what caused them the most stress.   It revealed many factors of stress that were particularly heightened during the recent seller’s market. Plus the report indicated that there were certain stressors that seemed to lead to not just buyer frustration but buyer’s remorse.  Get the full report now to see how you can help your client’s avoid common areas of frustration.       
  • In this paper WAV Group provides an overview and analysis of the five key tools available today to enable MLSs to provide Data Distribution Services: Trestle (CoreLogic), Spark (FBS Data), Bridge Interactive (Zillow Group), The MLS Grid, and MLS Aligned.
  • "Coming Soon" is referred to as the time between the signing of a listing agreement with a seller and the go- live date in the multiple listing service. The National Association of REALTORS® MLS Policy does not provide a Coming Soon option, however this business practice is common in many market areas and a wide number of MLSs have a Coming Soon Policy today.
    The purpose of the WAV Group Coming Soon Policy Study is to help MLSs reflect the perspectives of brokers and agents in shaping Coming Soon policies.

    Please download this white paper to review the considerations.

  • The member leadership of the National Association of REALTORS® will be considering a policy change related to MLS designed to eliminate pocket listings. The policy is 8.0 - called the Clear Cooperation policy. This topic was discussed in great detail at the 2019 Council of MLS meetings and met with widespread industry support.

    A number of brokers have developed innovative platforms for sellers that fall under a commonly understood policy called Coming Soon that may be wiped out by this new policy change. This has many in the industry concerned about repercussions the 8.0 policy change could have for these coming soon programs.

    Please download this white paper to review the considerations.