I spoke to a top-producing agent today who has consistently sold over $50 Million in residential real estate over the past 10 years and did $75 Million last year (a down market eh?)

As her marketing consultant, I share ideas with her and keep her up to speed with marketing trends in Real Estate.  I covered the concept of Communitainment with her today.

After a few tries at various pronunciations, we turned to definitions and I explained that Communitainment is a new buzzword, created by Piper Jaffary, to explain all of the fuss created by sites like myspace, youtube, and blogging whereby people and companies self publish information about whatever they want – so it wraps Community, Entertainment and Communication all together.

“So, what does that have to do with Real Estate?” she asked.

I told her my view about blogging as a way to get search engine optimization on her website and be able to post and publish information quickly rather than sending stuff to us to convert into HTML and load to her site.  As such, she “communicates” (blogs) to her “community” (web visitors) and that is “entertainment” (real estate content).

“Are there any top-producers around here doing it?” she asked.  “Not yet.” I replied.

“Should I do it?” she asked.

What a loaded question.  She has 2 licensed assistants who can barely keep up, she works 7 days a week.  She has no time.  Everything she does already points toward major business for her.  I am sure that blogging would too, but I could not commit to telling her yes.

So here is my question.

Please send me an e-mail if you are a blogger and you do at least $5 Million in real estate transactions a year to victor@wavgroup.com