Ever wanted to be on top of search engines for keywords in your market.

Sounds exciting eh?

Up until about a year ago, the best strategy I knew of was to go to websites that were already there, copy their content and meta data, then launch a site that contained more information than the top 5 sites already at the top.

Ergo – you win.

NOT SO FAST!  Aside from plagerism, and copywrite infringemnet, the real crime is what search engines call Content Spamming

Google does not like this!  Nor do any of the other search engines.  Here is a hint for those of you who use template websites – burn them or disable the canned buyer and seller resources that are found on every one of their sites – my apologies to homes.com, advanced access, and the million other template real estate websites that provide stock content.

To win today, Content is King.  The more pages you have on your website that delve deeply into the subject of your keywords, the better off you are.

Top key word strategies for your area are city and neighborhood names.  But try to fight a battle that you can win.  For example, don’t try to compete with the newspaper and large brokers for a key word like San Francisco Real Estate.  Try to win Noe Valley Real Estate – build pages on the neighborhood.  Build pages about street names.  Build pages about local restaurants, local activities, charities, schools, etc.  Go DEEP!

The best strategy is to sit down and write a key word list that you plan to focus on, and think of every derivation of ways to say it.  Noe Valley Real Estate, Noe Valley Homes, Noe Valley homes for sale, homes in noe valley, real estate in noe valley, condos in noe valley, noe valley condos, tics in noe valley, noe valley tics.  You can even use misspellings – I recently did research on condominium key words and learned that condo works better because people cannot spell condominium.

Remember to add lots of pages!  Each page of the website contains a Title Tag, Description text and Keywords.  Search Engines need this information to catalog your website, so they store that information on their servers – they do not store the rest of the page.  Hence, it is better to have lots of small pages with meta data than 1 very long page with a million words.

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