Video is becoming ever more prevalent in the marketing of properties in the real estate industry.  For most property owners the addition of a high quality video about their home has been a great listing tool, but to date there has been no way to measure its effectiveness in marketing a home. 


A.C. Nielsen, worldwide leaders of media and advertising tracking, has recently announced the launch of a new service that may change all that. NetRatings, a division of A.C. Nielsen has announced a new syndicated measuremenet service called VideoCensus, which measures audience size, demographics and even competitive activity of  videos online.


“By harnessing the unique strengths of both panel and Web analytics measurement tools, we have a ‘best of breed’ service that can be used for planning and post analysis on the Internet,” said Manish Bhatia, executive vice president, NetRatings.

This new technology can help REALTORS® demonstrate to their clients that the video they have produced is being viewed by potential buyers from all over the globe. It can help buyers understand which online locations are most effective and can even tell the buyer the demographics of the consumer being attracted to the video.  Most importantly it can quantify the number of potential buyers who are viewing the video so that home owners can see the attention you are providing to their property.

Troy Young, chief marketing officer of VideoEgg, said VideoCensus has already “given us the ability to get accurate counts of activity across our network, along with the panel-based demographic data we need to position our audience.” Young noted that VideoEgg is now delivering more than 425 million video streams a month, across more than 70 social networking sites.  

The VideoCensus methodology employs two patented assets which tap into a panel of desktop computer users around the country as well as a technology which tags each piece of video content. To participate in the reporting service, online video publishers, technology providers and networks need to attach a piece of code to their video delivery platforms. Once this is complete, NetRatings will be able to collect a census count of the viewing activity on video. The NetRatings system can then provide granular insight into the viewers who are viewing the video. It can even measure where the video is being viewed.

This is a great tool that can be offered by any group that is building and hosting video for the real estate industry.