There is little doubt that Listingbook is a must-have for MLSs today.

To begin with – it provides a member benefit for free!  Imagine if an MLS gave Top Producer to every agent for free, or a flyer software program for free, or an e-mail marketing product for free, or showingtime for free.

Listingbook is a little bit of all of these products.  It alows agents to communicate with buyers and sellers in the best possible way within a secure Virtual Office Website environment.

Property searches are easy to set up for clients by agents and they give clients the tools to manage favorites, compare them to sold and active listings, monitor price changes and more.

Sellers get reports on competitive activity – price changes of current inventory of competitive listings, transactions of competitive listings, activity on listing, and other key information that agents want to share with their client.

Listingbook provides a local representative for agent training and support.  What is the catch?  None really – the company earns income from offering enhancements to power users who are looking for deeper, more enhanced functionality.

Contact Listingbook today to get more information about this great product for your membership.

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