A brokerage (120 agents, 1 office in Louisville Kentucky), was looking for more than just another AVR (automated voice response) solution. Hotlines where you can call in and get recorded information about properties have been around for years. They choose VoicePad, and after 8 months here are the results…

The ‘benchmark was to compare results from an Automated system to simply putting a cell phone number on a rider. Which brings more leads?

In terms of ease of use (needed to get enough agents using it), mobile IDX cannot be beaten. Users do NOT have to record their own voice or even have to do anything (the data comes nightly from IDX data and is converted to voice files)  Currently over 2/3 of the agents actively use the product and promote it to their clients.

The last 3 months they have averaged 1,200 leads to their agents (from about 300 listings with signs in front of them). Agents get a text message while the person inquiring is in front of the house calling. The prospect can click through to the agents cell phone and one in five times they do. This is encouraging for brokers.