gumWAV Group’s pick for most innovative new product at NARLANDO.

It is always refreshing when the WAV Group gets to see new technology products early on in their development.  Like a lime in a corona, dwellicious is cool and refreshing.  Having previously developed dozens of products over the years, Dan and Greg have hit one that may cast themselves well beyond the eNeighborhoods boat.

The positioning for the product is simple.  We know that consumers are going to 4 or more websites in their search for a home.  We know that they hate to register to keep the information they want to save from each site.  We know that social bookmarking is a hugely popular internet feature (aka Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious).

With dwellicious, consumers can bookmark listings from any site they like, and its free!

For agents, it will be a great prospecting tool for buyers.  They will be able to market their listings and services to consumers who are already expressing interest in similar homes.

Wouldn’t it be great if an agent bookmarked the location of their listed properties on all of the syndication sites?

The boys have a great product – stay tuned for thier public launch.