Whenever any member of the WAV Group is invited to speak at a conference, it is an honor.  However, this is perhaps the honor of the year for our team.  John Brian Losh of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate has invited Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund to his group’s exclusive European conference in Paris, January 21st – 23rd.

Having worked with brokers to launch thier brands overseas, and worked with foreign brokers to launch their businesses in the Americas, WAV Group understands the challenges.  Moreover, we have had some experience marketing HyperLuxury properties.

As we consider the topics related to challenges faced in international marketing, it would be great to get some input from our friends.  If you are a real estate technology vendor and would like to attend the conference or have some ideas about the topic, I would love to speak to you.  Call my cell phone at 805-709-6696, Victor.