bookmarkwebpagePortland is the site for the Connections 2009 conference, welcoming a select group of real estate dignitaries to discuss the evolution of our industry and the painful realities that hold us back.

I will be speaking briefly to the lawyers who write the pages of rules that govern order in the vast lands of MLS – I applaud their work.

Sharing – the cornerstone of web 2.0 – is the terrorist threat to protecting MLS data from misuse, and I found some rather interesting mis-uses of data on the web that illustrate the challenges facing rules and rules enforcement.Although I do not want to spill the beans on my entire presentation – here is one that you are bound to love.  An agent who blogs on Trulia Voices took innoscent screen shots of how she uses her MLS and republished confidential data in violation of every copyright rule of the MLS.

Realtors® Can Analyze Current Market Trends, Tax Valuations and Sales Data Relevant to Buyers, Sellers and Property Owners –

When you follow the link, be sure to click on the images so you can view the data in hi resolution.

I am not sure what the twitter #tag is for the conference – but will try to keep up with interesting conversation at the show.  Hope to see you there.