listhublogoThreewide Corporation Appoints
Michele Routh-Combs as VP of Partner Relations

Morgantown, WV – June 28, 2009 – Threewide Corporation announces the addition of Michele Routh-Combs to the Executive Management Team as Vice President of Partner Relations. Routh-Combs brings 18 years of experience in real estate and real estate related technology and marketing. She is a well-known leader in real estate, recognized by many from her role at RE/MAX International where she served as Senior Technology Marketing Analyst and was involved with RE/MAX International’s Approved Supplier Program from 1999 through the end of 2005. Routh-Combs will manage strategic partner relationships for Threewide Corporation, concentrating on developing and growing the ListHub network of “channels” or destinations for MLSs and brokers to select to send their listing data.

“Michele has a proven track record for applying a critical eye to real estate technology and seeking relationships and products that bring the greatest value to real estate agents and brokers,” said Luke Glass, President of Threewide Corporation. “She brings the ideal skills and experience to the role of Partner Relations and we are excited to have her on board.”

The ListHub network of Internet marketing Web sites currently includes 46 sites where brokers and agents can choose to distribute and display their listings. ListHub is among the broadest networks for listing distribution, but the factor that makes ListHub’s network unique is the careful analysis and attention given to the value proposition for brokers and agents during the screening of new Internet marketing channels. Threewide is committed to increasing the number of Internet marketing sites in the network while maintaining standards and a level of organization of the sites within ListHub. Organization of the sites by attributes of the Web site that are important to real estate brokers and agents will make it easy for brokers and agents to make their Internet marketing decisions in the increasingly complex online world.

“I am looking forward to working with the Threewide Team as well as Threewide’s existing and new partners,” said Michele Routh-Combs. “It is my goal to increase marketing exposure and functionality for the customers of Listhub while employing a level of responsibility that earns the confidence of all of our partners and customers.”

Threewide Corporation’s ListHub gives brokers a free service to leverage the vast online marketplace to market their listings, and to drive consumer traffic back to the broker’s Web site. ListHub has 46 connectors with Web sites such as Google Base, Yahoo! Real Estate, Trulia, Zillow, and others. Listings for brokers who register are automatically pulled from the Multiple Listing Service and posted to the broker’s chosen Web site destinations. These online postings are branded for the broker, and link directly back to the broker’s Web site. There is an optional upgrade available for purchase which offers sophisticated marketing reports for brokers and agents, including branded reports on the Internet marketing results for individual listings designed to share with sellers.

For information about joining the ListHub network as a recipient of MLS and broker-authorized distribution of listings, contact Michele Routh-Combs at

About Threewide Corporation
Threewide Corporation was founded in July of 1999 and has specialized in solving data management issues in the real estate vertical since its inception. In mid-2000, the company began to focus on the digital capture, packaging, and transport of data for brokerages, Multiple Listing Services, and other industry vendors. In 2007, Threewide launched ListHub, a broker product that pushes MLS listing information to an array of online listing aggregators. For more information about Threewide Corporation and ListHub, visit

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