This week at the California Association of REALTOR conference in Sacramento the REBS(Real Estate Business Services) division of C.A.R. announced the first ever real estate application for iPhones.  Alan Arora, head of REBS premiered the application for the C.A.R. board.  The application helps real estate agents demonstrate their local market expertise.  It quickly allows an agent to show median home prices in a region of California by tapping into C.A.R. market statistics that are updated monthly. It also includes a link to the latest mortgage rates to help the agent convince consumers it really is a good time to buy. If the consumer would like the information to be emailed to them the agent can send it to them directly from the application.  It’s a really interesting way to leverage market statistics at an open house, networking event or cocktail party.

There’s a simple video that describes how it works.  You can envision how this data could get richer and richer over time.