tunglelogoEvery now and then, you experience a product that stops you in your tracks.  As a technology consultant who works with companies to create these experiences, I am usually not very surprised, very often.  But yesterday I was delighted by a simple, easy to use product that is free, and very helpful – its called Tungle.

I spend a lot of my time arranging meetings – in person or by phone.  Tungle made scheduling meetings for the upcoming Inman conference really simple and easy.  I just tell people on the phone to visit http://tungle.me/victorlund.  My availability is open for anyone to see, so they can select a time that works for them.  This is not a purely novel approach, but rather a very elegant one.  Learn More with continued reading…..

What impressed me the most was the company founder and CEO Marc Gringas.  After I signed up, he sent me a note and thanked me.  It may have been an automated message, but it did not feel that way.  Speaking to him for a few minutes gave me the chance to thank him for his wonderful product and learn a bit more about his company.

They founded the company in Montreal in 2006 and were focused on trying to ‘integrate’ with all calendars.  Really a difficult task.  They switched gears and looked at a simpler way to schedule and share meetings.  As it turns out, there are about 900 Million people who use online calendars.  500 Million use Outlook, 300 Million use lotus notes, and only 30 million use google calendar.  Some smaller number are using ical, entourage and others.

Some other fun facts, 75% of all meetings are 1 to 1.  95% of all meetings are with 5 people or less.

I strongly suggest that you look at tungle and try it out.  It makes scheduling meetings a lot easier.