WAV Group learned today that Mike De Leon, the current Chair of CARETS for 2010 announced they will not be accepting any new members for the next six to nine months to get their house in order and to develop the necessary infrastructure to insure new members are brought onto CARETS without issue! Mike explains they want to insure that future growth is done in the right way with appropriate documentation as well as operations and procedure manuals. With over 100,000 current subscribers he points out that they still want to “…work with all potential new members toward a timely and seamless transition.”

Mike goes on the add,

“For this reason, we have set up task forces to assure the pending growth of CARETS is efficient and will have long term stability. Among other things,we want to be certain that we have all appropriate documentation for membership, as well as operation and procedure manuals. Equally important, as we expand, we want to make certain that the technological assimilation of all new members can be achieved without the risk of any glitches.

It is our current expectation that we will need six to nine months to achieve all that is needed to properly assure the type of success which we set as our standards. Until such time, we need to postpone the addition of any new members. Nonetheless,we do want to continue to work with all potential new members toward a timely and seamless transition. In this regard, we are looking at the possibility of creating reciprocal arrangements with potential members while we go through the transition process.

We welcome any inquiries and look forward to working with all members of the real estate brokerage industry. Also we wish to thank you for the interest you have shown in becoming a CARETS member.”