FirstAmericanCoreLogicLogoI caught this on the Real Town blog today.  It was published by Thomas Wissel, Information Technology,  Toms River,  NJ


Jersey Shore MLS, Middlesex County MLS and Trend MLS are now using the MarketLinx Data Co Op to efficiently share listings between 3 different MLS platforms. This may be “old hat” to other MLS operators in the country, but NJ has been rooted in the past by forcing agents to subscribe to multiple services. There are 9 MLS services that cover the state and right now only 3 have fully embraced the notion of making it easy on the users by sharing data.

We look forward to MarketLinx rolling out this platform to other MLS operators across the country and would entertain requests to link-up through the Co Op. How can it hurt to give our subscribers access to agent quality information, instead of forcing them to search for properties on public websites that offer customer oriented reports?


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