A Couple Sleeps In A Bed That Is Divided By A Line 50% on Each Side. A ConceptWAV Group performs volumes of research for MLSs and Associations each year.  As part of collecting subscriber and member surveys, we also collect basic demographic data – Male or Female, Age, etc.  Much of this demographic information allows us to associate general age group trends of American demographics and apply them to our understanding of the culture within an MLS or Association.  We have never asked marital status, but I wonder what role that plays in understanding the mindset of today’s REALTOR.

One of the research instutitions that we value for information is Pew Research Center.  Today they released a report on Divorce.  In the report they characterize the marital status of the American population at large, which targets the most significant group of REALTORS – men and women over 50.

“45% of 50-year-old men and 46% of 50-year-old women either are or will get a divorce” according to Pew. “Of 50-year-olds who divorce, 81% of men and 71% of women will eventually remarry.”

Although both Mike Audet and I have formal training in Psychology – we are far from expert in understanding how to communicate differently to divorced or remarried people – if at all.  Perhaps it makes no difference.  However, if a client asked me how to reach a target audience of mostly divorced people, my likely answer would be with a social event rather than direct mail or email.  Just a random thought for today.