Trulia-Contact-AgentAs a follow up to my post yesterday, Trulia posted a new listing a few hours after Zillow. In truth, I suspect that if you look at the speed that listings get updated at Zillow and Trulia, there are likely to be times when Trulia updates listings faster than Zillow – but there is always a lag between Updates in the MLS and updates to listing syndication feeds to third party websites.

What is most concering to me is the way in which other agents are promoted above the listing agent as a contact point for information on the listing.

If you view this listing on Trulia, you will notice a big button just below the listing details that says “Contact Agent.” Naturally, you would presume that you would be contacting the listing agent who provided the listing to Trulia. This is not the case. They promote a number of competing agents in additon to the listing agent. The image to the left illustrates this.

Does anyone think that another agent should be promoted on your listing?