MREDLogoWAV Group tries to highlight Standards of Excellence by MLS service providers. This one caught our eye today.

MRED is among the largest and most progressive MLS service providers in the nation – serving more than 40,000 subscribers and hosting a leading level of property records. In a press release today, they received national press coverage regarding the health of the real estate market in Chicago and surrounding marketplace they serve. Moreover, the press release highlights how vital the MLS service is to agents, brokers, appraisers and the consumers that they serve.

Components of the press release that are newsworthy include:

Total Transaction Volume in 2010 – $19 Billion Dollars in Real Estate transactions is a huge number.

Market Trends – The press release highlights market stability year over year. With over 82,000 transactions, the difference between 2009 and 2010 was a dip of a mere 243 transactions – an insignificant difference statistically. With so much negative press about the real estate industry, this press release from MRED is refreshing.

If you operate an MLS, consider issuing a similar press release that talks about your market place in a positive light. Please be sure and share your examples of Excellence with us and we will post them here.

Here is the full press release CLICK HERE

(Full disclosure – MRED is a WAV Group Client)