Twitter BirdIn the world of twitter, I feel like an ancient.  I started playing around with in June of 2007 and framed it up for the real estate industry in March of 2008 with a post calledTwitterstate: Twitter for real estate. That post has received 76,404 visits – making it one of the WAV Groups more popular posts.

When did twitter launch? Twitter launched in July of 2006.

WAV Group is not a social media consulting firm, but we understand it, we use it, and to a great extent, we encourage our customers to use social media to communicate to customers. Social Media is a communication platform – ranking in popularity behind telephones and email, but ahead of cell phones, fax machines, television, radio, and of course – newspapers.

Change is happening at twitter. It is becoming a business, and will likely be a business that supports the ability of agents and brokers to market their services to consumers in the buying and selling cycle more effectively.

Online marketing is getting very sophisticated. Brands are able to “listen” to consumers online. Brands are able to watch the movements and activities across websites, social media, smartphones and other outlets. A science has emerged to study words and movements to identify the likelihood of transaction behavior.

Incidentally, the people behind this new science are not startups – they are companies like EMC Corporation and billion dollar investment firms like Charles River Ventures. Even a secondary market has developed.

There is a genius named Bill Gross that is behind what I think will be a huge major development for Twitter. Gross made the kind of money that is unspendable during the tech bubble and is credited for coming up with an idea called Paid Search Advertising that made Google billions. Today, he runs a company called UberMedia. They have purchased a bunch of twitter clients like UberTwitter and TweetDeck.

If you do not know about UberTwitter and TweetDeck, and you use Twitter, you should check them out. These products make Twitter useful in ways that is not. You can track friends and topics more easily – hold multiple conversations, etc.

Through these platforms, UberMedia is staging the first real economic success of creating revenue from Twitter. Today, UberMedia controls 20% of the overall Twitter Traffic through their software interface. That opens up all kinds of business opportunities, like targeted advertising, behavior tracking, and a Nielsen like rating system.

I think this will create some unique opportunities for real estate – the highest ticket item offered on the internet. Moreover, I do not think that twitter is going away anytime soon. If you have not started using twitter yet – wake up from the ice age and set up an account – and follow me @victorlund.

Here is a link to instructions on how to set up your account: Twitterstate: Twitter for Real Estate

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