I just love to see leaders of the real estate industry take an active stand in trying to impove the state of the housing market.

I applaud Steve Hundley’s effort for bringing the key issues facing the San Diego real estate market to the forefront with the state and federal legislators from his area. Steve is placing his company 1ParkPlace in the forefront of influencing change by connecting community leaders and government officlals to talk about tangible methods to fix the real estate industry woes.

I would love to see REALTORS and technology companies around the country come together to replicate the kind of symposium Steve is hosting in San Diego.

Way to go Steve!  Great job!

Here’s the details:

Congressman Duncan Hunter to Co-Chair 1parkplace Real Estate Symposium

Experts present housing recovery strategies to bring back our housing market


San Diego, CA – 1parkplace presents The Real Estate and Housing Symposium scheduled on April 21, 2011at the Marriott Marina. The event kicks off a national campaign to “Bring Back Our U.S. Housing Market.” The goal of this symposium is to initiate a citizen led forum focusing on a “Blueprint for Housing Reform” in order to present to Congress.

The event is being led by Steve Hundley, CEO of 1parkplace, Inc., (www.1parkplace.com) a national real estate marketing firm based in San Diego.  Hundley has made it his personal mission to educate Americans on what they can do to help restore our housing market.

“Correcting our housing market means more money for communities, higher property values, more jobs created and improved consumer confidence,” said Hundley.

Hundley has enlisted the support of honorary co-chairperson, Congressman Duncan Hunter. “The idea of presenting strategies from leaders in our real estate industry to our elected officials in every level of government to advocate meaningful reform is an important step, and I’m proud to be a part of it,” said Hunter.  “The participants at this symposium are industry professionals who are in the trenches everyday with their clients.”

The Blueprint for Housing Reform will address three key areas of recovery:

1.     Now issues – reforms that will address the urgency of solving our short sale, mortgage modification and REO process in order to remove as much inventory off the market as quickly as possible.

2.     Tomorrow issues – addressing the landslide of regulations that are destined to decimate our real estate and housing industry.  Much of the new legislation concentrates on restricting lending to the point of putting a choke hold on recovery.

3.     Restoring confidence in America and our housing market – A robust real estate and housing market creates millions of jobs.  We need to do everything possible to restore confidence in every neighborhood.

“Ultimately,” said Hundley, “we hope to create momentum that educates communities via Real Estate Town Halls across America – where we can reach and teach REALTORS and Americans in every neighborhood on what they can do to bring back our housing market.

Take their online poll now or RSVP to attend at www.BringBackOurHousing.org.  The event is FREE to the public.