Many times when I speak with Association Executives they tell me how they wish they could play a more vital role in solving the technology needs of its members.

Three People With Different Arrows Connecting ThemHere’s a simple idea to consider…..why not take advantage of all of the great services and technologies and training classes your regional MLS offers?  Many MLSs offer terrific consumer-facing websites, for example.  For example, few association sites I visit feature the MLS Consumer facing website on their websites.  Property search has been proven to to be the best way to generate consumer traffic yet few Associations are taking advantage of framing in a property search solution from their MLS.

How about promoting all of the core services being offered by MLSs?  Most regional MLSs offer not only the MLS system, but public records, wireless MLS, document management and several other tools. Why not partner with the MLS to take credit for all of these great services to increase the perceived relevance of the association?

Most MLSs also offer great technology training and most are free of charge. Again, why not take advantage of these live sessions and webinars?

We all know how difficult it is to break through to an agent because they are so busy just trying to survive right now. If the Associations and MLSs work together to promote all of the great services they offer, agents have a much better chance of taking advantage of the tools available to them as part of their regular subscription fees.

Here’s one simple suggestion as a place to start….

I would love to see every Association that is part of a regional MLS take one small step – feature your MLSs consumer website on your home page with a property search that is featured prominently, just like they are on leading consumer sites. You’ll be able to bring more consumers to your website AND help generate most exposure and leads for your member’s listings. Sounds like a win/win doesn’t it?