Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors Logo WAV Group has been retained to hire a new Chief Executive Officer for the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®.

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The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® is the 6th largest real estate association in the United States serving over 11,000 members with a strong breadth of MLS services and Association benefits.

GLVAR is actively involved in its community, supporting many causes for children and other important community issues such as Variety: The Children’s Charity, Boys & Girls Club, Whitney Elementary, Three Square and the Habitat for Humanity.  The company supports homeownership and participates in task forces and forums to meet the needs of its diverse membership.

GLVAR has led the industry in adopting new policies and programs to continue to improve the viability and relevance of their organization.  The company has also invested in world-class talent in education and government affairs. The management team is well heeled and committed to excellence.

The mission of the GLVAR is to protect, promote and advance the interests of REALTORS®. The company prides itself on being a leader in the preservation of property rights and in issues that impact quality of life in the community. The Association supports member success through cutting-edge business information, education and compliance with the highest standards for ethical practice and professionalism. GLVAR also offers a comprehensive suite of MLS services offerings including one of the top 25 most-trafficked MLS consumer websites in America, wireless property search, and many others.


The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for managing the entire operation–ensuring each department consistently focuses on improving subscriber satisfaction while continuing to improve operational efficiencies. Through management and leadership, the CEO’s core goal is to achieve productive performance by creating a vision for the future that will guide the constructive growth of the Association by focusing on helping its members thrive.

The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for driving the success of the strategic priorities of the organization as outlined by the Board of Directors. They are also responsible for managing the financial health of the organization, closely managing budgets and continually striving to find methods to drive down costs.  The CEO will develop relationships with each of the board of directors as well as related associations, brokers and individual members.

This position is also responsible for positioning GLVAR as a leader. The successful candidate will continue to involve GLVAR in local, state and national real estate initiatives as well as assume leadership roles with key vendors and partners. They will also involve their direct reports in relevant local, state and national initiatives. In addition, the CEO is also responsible for continually striving to expand the size and scope of the subscriber base.

The ideal candidate should also have deep experience running a rich, comprehensive MLS service that offers leading edge MLS services and technologies coupled with exemplary, real-time customer support and technology training.

Since GLVAR is also interested in creating additional for-profit services for its members, the ideal candidate will also possess strong abilities to build and manage research and technology services companies as well as the association itself.


Within the limits of the Association’s bylaws and policies, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for and has commensurate authority to accomplish the duties set forth below.


  • Manages 7 department heads and oversees approximately 37 employees
  • Responsible for outlining and implementing development plans for each department head and providing quarterly performance reviews and bonus recommendations
  • Responsible for setting and recommending changes to HR/Benefits policies and procedures

Strategic Planning Execution

  • Execute all directives of the Board of Directors and the Strategic Plan.  Keep directors and members fully informed on the conditions and operations of the Association and attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Plan, formulate and forward to the Board of Directors recommended basic policies and programs which further the objectives of the Association.

Customer Service/Satisfaction

  • Responsible for measuring and driving consistent improvements in member satisfaction levels
  • Responsible for recommending improved/enhanced member services to Board of Directors as well as operational efficiencies
  • Responsible for providing comprehensive support service support with highly trained and responsive customer service professionals
  • Responsible for continually improving service adoption and education participation


  • Manages the day-to-day operation of GLVAR and all employees of the firm; ensures the Board of Directors, members and employees are kept fully informed on GLVAR conditions and operations
  • Manages all vendor relationships and negotiates equitable contracts consistently seeking to improve the quality of services delivered to GLVAR members
  • Serves as executive level support to all committees, PAG’s, and Task Forces
  • Plans, organizes, coordinates and controls research and related projects and prepares reports on subjects of importance to the GLVAR.

MLS Services

  • Responsible for providing easy to use, intuitive, up-to-date and comprehensive MLS technologies to help agents and brokers cost-effectively conduct business
  • Continually explore new technology service offerings to increase the relevance and member satisfaction of the organization
  • Create programs to help members become more tech-savvy and sensitized to the needs of younger consumers and real-time responsiveness needs


  • Responsible for planning, formulating, evaluating and recommending to the GLVAR Board of Directors all basic policies and programs which will further its objectives, and maintains updated bylaws, and corporate documents in collaboration with Legal Counsel and NAR Member Policy Division.

Community Involvement

  • GLVAR enjoys a significant position in the community contributing to important committees and local initiatives. The successful candidate will be responsible for continuing to nurture these important relationships and positions

Financial Management

  • Manages and oversees all of the budgeting, financial accounting, reporting and asset management of the organization and closely monitors budgets and spending. The CEO has dual-signing authority for all checks and is responsible for closely monitoring all expenditures versus approved budgets
  • Responsible for continuing to refine investment policy to maximize return on short and long-term reserves
  • Responsible for continual focus on membership increases and membership revenue increases


The successful candidate will possess the vision, drive and leadership skills to take GLVAR to its next level of success by creating a culture that will stop at nothing to establish satisfied members. Because they are so attuned to the needs of their members and the real estate consumer, they will not be afraid to generate programs and policies never before seen in the real estate association industry. They will be honest, forthright and demonstrate high integrity. The next leader of GLVAR will bring with them a deep network within the real estate association community.

The ideal candidate will have a college degree as well as significant real estate association and MLS experience.  They will possess terrific coaching, managerial, supervisory, budgeting, communication and planning skills.  Experience with Association management as well as a breadth of real estate technologies is strongly desired.  They will also need to demonstrate a strong ability to drive change and work collaboratively with volunteer committees. The successful candidate must possess mature judgment, confidentiality, strong presentation and negotiation skills, and a high degree of personal organization and initiative.

The successful candidate will be politically astute and understand how to drive effective change on behalf of REALTORS® at the local, state and national levels within the industry, as well as with leading government and community authorities.

They will have a strong interest and knowledge of current technology trends and will drive the organization to leverage technology even more effectively. They will also understand how to leverage technology to drive interest in REALTORS®, as well as creating significant listing exposure for leads for members.


Government Affairs Director

Director of Member Relations

Director of Communications and RPAC

Chief Operating Officer

Professional Standards Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Director – Technology

MLS/CALV Director

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