Top 5 Articles of the weekBroker Webinar: Convert More Buyers with the Next Generation of School Content

Did you know only 3% of homebuyers compromised on the quality of schools during their home selection process last year (according to the National Association of REALTORS®)? This webinar will teach you about incorporating the newest in school-based search into a web and mobile experience that meets the needs of today’s buyers. Learn how you can use School Attendance Zones and advanced School Profiles on your site to help users find matching homes. Brokers will also discover how to arm agents with better decision support tools to add value to their clients.LearnMoreButton

It’s All Over, Folks. Hurricane Craig(slist) Has Flattened North America

Dubbed Hurricane Craig, this change is a seismic shift in Craigslist’s posting policy throughout North America. Many of the most commonly-used HTML tags in Craigslist are now disallowed. If you are posting to Craigslist, what does this mean for you?LearnMoreButton

5 Ways Brokers Can Leverage Single Property Websites

This summer, Century 21 teamed up with Properties Online to automatically generate single property websites for every active listing. What can brokerages gain from specialized sites like these? Here’s what Centrury 21 already knows.LearnMoreButton

Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

While it’s well known that it’s the photographs in a real estate ad that will pique a buyer’s interest in a home, the right words in the description may just get them into the car. Yet, finding ways to describe your listings — coming up with catchy headlines and intriguing come-ons — is pretty challenging.LearnMoreButton

Banish “One Size Fits All”

Agents can fall into a “one size fits all” approach, losing their edge and their clients in the process. Instead, you can show your clients that you see them, hear them, and appreciate them by crafting a strategy that is unique to them.LearnMoreButton