WAV logoIt is our pleasure to share the results of the WAV Group 2013 MLS Technology Survey report with you.  The WAV Group 2013 MLS Technology Survey was fielded on September 13 and closed on October 16. 11,176 staff and users completed the survey.  Survey results are only included for those MLSs that provided both staff and user ratings.   Staff and user results are presented separately in the report.

Overall,  MLSs are happy with their MLS technology but there is some churn in the industry.  43% for the participating MLSs have been with their vendors for 10 years or more.  Only 7% of the MLSs say they are definitely going to look for a new vendor, while 12% say they have had issues and will look seriously at switching.  Half are happy and will likely renew without a search and 32% say they will probably renew put plan to look.  These numbers represent considerably more “looking” than we have seen in prior years. A number of factors are contributing to this rise in system reviews and system conversions.

First, systems have really improved over the last few years.  Interfaces are improving and overall flexibility at the staff and user level is improving on multiple systems.  Client collaboration tools are getting better as well. We are seeing advances in numerous other functional areas.

Second, a large portion of our MLSs are still on legacy systems that are showing their age.  Some MLSs are being presented new system options from their vendor as their current systems are being phased out over time.  Many of these MLSs are wisely looking at all system options prior to making a system decision since even upgrading with their current vendor will require a true system conversion.

The great news is there are a number of excellent MLS vendors and system choices and one size does not fit all.  We are often asked to identify the best vendor and system and the truth is, it depends.  It depends on the system you are on, the size of your MLS, the level of IT expertise you have at the staff level, how important price is, etc.  And don’t forget company culture.  Your MLS vendor is your partner so finding the right fit, in terms of company culture, is hugely important for a successful vendor/client relationship.  We encourage you to take a look around if you haven’t recently as there have been some exciting developments in the MLS system world.

The ratings shown in this survey do not represent all accounts for each vendor or all users.  Number of respondents per vendor vary and may impact overall results.  WAV Group has made every effort to present clear and accurate information in this report but does not maintain that these ratings are statistically valid in all cases based on our sample size.  Survey results such as these can be a helpful tool as part of an in-depth technology review but should not be used as the sole criteria for choosing or eliminating any vendor or system from consideration.

We hope you find the survey results useful in your ongoing technology evaluations.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at mike@wavgroup.com.  DOWNLOAD REPORT