Re Technology LOGOIf you are not using on a regular basis or have not logged in lately you are missing some great tools that can help you improve your real estate game immensely.  These are also free tools, the best kind!

Over 650,000 agents have access to through their MLS, but not everybody is taking full advantage of this great tool and may not be aware of some of the outstanding features it offers.  Like users of most MLS systems, that only use 10% of what a MLS system can do, many use for certain things like getting information on a specific product or company but many don’t realize how much more offers.

Every day you can find new information for brokers and agents on how to improve your business, use and find new technology and to just stay up to speed on the current trends.

One incredible tool we recommend you try out is the free search tool.   At the top of every page on is a SEARCH button like you see in the graphic below.


RETechnology Website ImageWhen you click on SEARCH it brings up a search window like the one below, where you can type anything you want and then choose to find information from any or all of the different information sections of, including:

  • Products
  • Companies
  • Articles/Columns Webinars
  • Review/Reports
  • News

As an example, I did a search just for “lead generation” and selected Articles/Columns/Webinars.






Here are the results that came up on a second!


Screenshot of resultsWhen I clicked on NEWS and REVIEWS I received over a dozen more reports and news updates. You can use this search bar to immediately drill down to whatever information you would like. has thousands of articles and reviews in addition to specific product and company listings that make it a great tool for every broker and agent to use. MLSs and Brokers should make it a point to direct new agents to as a first step in getting information on any real estate topic or tool.

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 Don’t Have RE Technology in your MLS?

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