MoxiWorks_logo_trademark-1-300x72There are lots of startups every year in real estate. Many come and go. Most hunt the largest customers possible and are crushed either by winning the account and not being able to perform or not winning the account and running out of capital.

Moxi Works is different. I know these people and what they have been working on.

First of all, Moxi Works is not really a startup. It is a new brand on a company that was born out of Windermere, one of those traditional big brokerages who has adapted to technology with a passion. Moxi Works is an opportunity for other great firms to partner with them on a platform that is unique, and probably exclusive. They have partnered with three of the largest brokerage companies on other product platforms already. They can roll out the technology across thousands of agents carefully and seamlessly. It is an art that very few have mastered.

Moxi Works is the product of what happens when you take a bunch of talented Seattle technologists and you blend them into a sales driven brokerage. When I first got a demo of the Moxi Works productivity system, I started to run through my CRM feature checklist. When I saw the dashboard I was a bit shocked to see nothing of what I expected.

They show calendar. I get that.

They show GCI – your target, year to date, and percentage of goal attained. I have never seen that in any real estate CRM.

They track 4 phases in the sales funnel – Pending Sales, Activities, Prospects, and Marketing. Great things to focus on.

As you can imagine – the opening screen is clean and inspiring. It is a daily briefing report.

As you peel back the layers, you see that there is awesome technology in the solution, including tight integration with Microsoft Exchange (or Gmail for the Google brokers).  But everywhere, the user interface is bold and clean. Of course, it is 100% mobile friendly.

Beyond the tech stuff, this is obviously a product of OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate. He grew up in one of America’s great real estate families with a tough competitor right alongside him.  He is a real estate salesman. I say that with the highest amount of humility and respect. He knows that sphere marketing is where real estate transactions come from, and this product is fully aimed at supporting agents to stay connected to the audience that drives their success.

Moxi Works is not the best CRM in real estate today. But it is one of them. It nails the most important functionality today. They will add more. They will integrate a lot. What is there is valuable? It coaches agents along and gives them visibility into where they are in their business at a glance. Vendors should be reaching out to them with apps that fit around the CRM and Presentation software they have.

If you are thinking about a CRM solution, give us a call. WAV Group works with many of the largest firms in real estate to find technology that works to support the principles of your business.

Here is a link to the Moxi Works Press release