Every year, WAV Group and RE Technology have adopted a family at Christmas. This year is no different. However, we have elected to take on a huge family that really needs a lot of help.

This year, we are helping out a mother of four who has been living with an abusive drug addict.

Casa Logo

There is a boy age 1.

There is a boy age 4.

There is a boy age 6.

There is a girl age 16.

We learn very little about the families we help each year. We just know that we have helped someone. Our local CASA is part of a National CASA network of more than 1,050 programs across America. The program we are supporting is Casa of San Luis Obispo County. The organization is almost fully volunteer. Most of the time these mothers escape their circumstances with little more than a backpack. They have nothing. It is sobering to learn that nearly 20% of all foster children in the United States are here in California. In some way, we hope that our efforts will keep this family together.