The Council of Multiple Listing Services has long discussed the idea of being the source of homes sales data, but has never acted on this. So, ahead of the CMLS2015 conference, we’re conducting an experiment to see how successful we might be if we gather that information direct from agents, brokers, and MLSs.

How to Participate

Many of you are already compiling this housing data. If you could copy us when you send your local data to NAR, that would be helpful. Alternatively, we’ve created a brief survey that asks about pricing, closings, and market conditions in your local area. Please take just five minutes to fill it out and submit it.

We will publish the results of the poll next week and have it available for discussion at CMLS. Let’s see if we can predict the numbers of the NAR report–before the NAR report comes out. Then, following the release of NAR’s data, we’ll compare your answers to the official report.

Ready to participate? Take the housing trends poll now!