Waves Of Change Educational SeriesWAVES OF CHANGE QUARTERLY INDUSTRY UPDATE is just around the corner! Reserve your organization’s seat at the table by signing up for the series TODAY!

WAV Group Hosts
NAR Recap / Industry Update Webinar on Thursday, May 26th

Your subscription provides an opportunity for your members to participate in an online recap of NAR Midyear policy issues, announcements and news as well as important industry updates and best practices. Thought-provoking topics to share with your leadership, brokers and staff.

• CMLS – DMCA November Ruling Update: Clarification Listing Content
• How to get Free Web API Certification by June 30th Deadline
• RESO Data Dictionary: 525 MLSs are now Certified;
Over 1.1 Million Realtors now have Access to Compliant Data
• Hispanic Homeowner’s Boom!
• Latest News from Upstream, AMP and the Broker Public Portal
• NAR Announcements and Developments

Contact Marilyn Wilson of WAV Group to find out why progressive industry leaders depend on the WAVes of Change Webinars to navigate the Real Estate Industry’s exciting, challenging and constantly changing currents.

WAV Group’s Quarterly Webinar Series is designed to provide “cliff notes” following the major industry conferences such as NAR Midyear, CMLS and NAR Annual along with new information vital to our continued commitment in moving the industry forward.

Ensure your members are well informed with the essential information our Industry Leaders will share on the latest news and trends, cutting edge technologies, research findings, and strategies to navigate the challenges we all face.

Successful MLSs, Brokerages and Associations understand the value of this exciting and affordable way to keep their members dialed in on industry initiatives that have a potential impact. WAV Group will also answer questions that your board and staff have about the climate of the industry, address technology changes, as well as provide guidance on some best practices. The webinar series also allows for an opportunity for your voice to be heard, regarding issues we have in common, relevant questions as well as sharing potential strategies that lead to optimal success.

By purchasing the WAVes of Change Series, up to 50 of your members can participate in four webinars throughout the year. You will also be provided with a recording of each session and the presentation assets to utilize and share.

Other exciting topics to be covered in the WAVes of Change Series:

• The Customer-Centric Association and MLS: Become the Real Estate Industry’s Zappos
• The Highly Productive Board of Directors – Make Your Board Meetings More Valuable
• Fueling Innovation and Relevance – New Business Models for Associations and MLSs
• The State of Agent Ratings and Testimonials
• Gotta Have Technologies for Associations and MLS
• Best Practices from Associations and MLSs
• Zillow’s Evolving Role
• How the Next Generation of RESO Standards Help Our Industry Thrive
• What Consumes Want: Key Strategies for REALTORS to Serve their Customers Better
• Next Generation of IDX Rules

For more information or to subscribe to the series, please contact Marilyn@WAVGroup.com