Baird and Warner Logo With great interest, WAV Group noticed that Baird and Warner announced in July that they are partnering with BombBomb™ in offering their video solution.

Historically, WAV Group has always understood BombBomb as an agent video solution. We believe that Baird and Warner may represent the largest firm to deploy their solution across their enterprise. We caught up with Laura Ellis, President of Residential Sales at Baird and Warner to understand the strategy.

For Baird and Warner, many agents in their company had found BombBomb on their own.  This is how the company started to become aware of the service. Overall, agents have continued to ask for more video tools beyond their video virtual tours and their video agent bios.

It is important to understand that Baird and Warner supplies Google Work tools to their agents – so gmail is the primary eMail tool used by their agents. With BombBomb’s direct integration into gMail, the “compose a video” button is conveniently located with “compose mail.” BombBomb is also integrated into the Chrome browser for easy access. (BombBomb also has a deep integration with Outlook™ and a long list of CRM tools)

Baird and Warner did not license BombBomb as a site license. Rather, the company purchased licenses for all of their managers and negotiated a discount off of the $39-$69 per month price for their agents. Ellis reports that agents really seem to like it, over 85 of their 2150 agents having registered for the service already and have sent over 1300 vMails. She suggests that the adoption is driven largely by the convenient integrations and the simplicity of using the tool.

Here is a video of Laura Ellis discussing the service in a BombBomb vMail – click the image to hear the video. At the very end of the video, Ms Ellis mentions something very important. The managers are using this tool for recruiting. Ellis also discussed this in our call whereby she shared that she is using the tool to frequently communicate to her managers. The response has been great, and many of the mangers are using the BombBomb tool to reply to her messages.

All in all, it seems like they are having a lot of fun.Baird and Warner

Other companies are also using a free service from Facebook called Messenger to send videos to clients and groups within their company. Firms looking for a vMail solution may want to try BombBomb free for two weeks by visiting their website or play around with the Facebook Messenger tool.