HackerConnect_socialshare-300x156WAV Group is sponsoring Inman Hacker Connect. It is a one day conference for your product managers and technology staff. For this group of constituents, this may be the best one day event of the year. Our sponsorship does not pay the whole fee, but we are paying for a lot of it. Please take advantage.

Reasons to Send Them

Technology is always changing, but real estate technology is going to have a revolution in 2017 with the widespread availability of the RESO Web API and other APIs. Today, there are only a handful of technology firms developing around our industry standard APIs. Now that they are real and available, MLSs are going to be flipping on the switch to develoment. Is your staff familiar with this new landscape? If not, you may want to begin to socialize them with the concepts and the people who are planning to launch applications in your MLS area early next year.

Top Initiatives Using Web API

The two key initiatives that are launching with Web APIs are Upstream and the new MLS product from Realtors Property Resource called AMP – Advanced Multilist Platform. Managing huge databases using the 15 year old RETS standard has hampered innovation and data management across our industry. Now that RETS is in our rear view mirror, MLS data can be connected quickly, affordably and easily to applications that need it. MLSs and their technical staff need to be fluent in how these new data systems operate, even if only to keep your technology vendors in check.


  • DDOS Actions, Hacktivism and Civil Disobedience on the Internet
  • API Successes to Replicate and Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Using Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Science for Designing UI/UX
  • Protecting Real Estate Data Against Phishing
  • Blockchain and Real Estate
  • Next Generation Real Estate Chatbots
  • Roadmap for the Portals: New Product Preview
  • What Technology Will VCs Fund This Year?
  • Lunch on your own
  • Sharing Data Better
  • Building Best Practices in Small Companies
  • Model for Tech Partnerships
  • Driving Adoption in Legacy Companies
  • Integration: Life Made Easier With Portals
  • How to Make a Marriage of Tech Startups and Legacy Companies
  • Collaboration Forums Facilitated by Industry Leaders
  • Next Generation Buying/Selling Experience
  • Advancing VR
  • Integration: Making Life Easier With the MLSs and Other Data Providers
  • Collaboration Forums with Industry Facilitators
  • Buy or Build? Who Decides and Why?
  • Recruitment Made Easy
  • Combating Cybercrime
  • Data Standards in Real Estate
  • Recommendations, Best Strategies and How to Move Forward

The full agenda and speakers list can be found here on the Inman website.

WAV Group Discount

If you sign up here you can get the special pricing offered by WAV Group which gives $100 off the original pricing of $299.