hand pushing social network button on a touch screen interfaceFor years, WAV Group has noticed that too many technology firms market and communicate to their customers in the wrong way. They spend all of their time in front of customers showing how their software works. It’s wrong.

The only time that customers want to spend time looking at how your software works is when they are looking to replace an existing software system. Even then, the primary reasoning for wanting to replace their existing software has little to do with how the software works. The decision to change has more to do with user satisfaction or price.

The way to communicate your value to customers is by talking about the solution. Read this testimonial from Teresa King Kinney, CEO of the Miami Association of REALTORS (largest in America):

The offer submission and management platform provided by eBrokerHouse and MLS Offers has been extremely beneficial to our members and our association. Since integrating this technology into our MLS, our members have been able to more efficiently manage their offers, especially in multiple offer situations. This has resulted in heavy adoption by our members and decreased the amount of complaints filed with our Association surrounding offers.

The team at eBrokerHouse/MLS Offers has been very professional and easy to work with, while delivering a high quality service to our members. I would highly recommend their offer submission technology to any Association or MLS looking to provide a tool to their members that will have a significant positive impact on their businesses.

This service provides so many benefits to both list and buy side agents that I envision this eventually becoming the standard method by which offers are submitted throughout the real estate industry.

In three paragraphs, Kinney states the sales pitch for MLS Offers.

  1. MLS Offers improves offer management, and reduces complaints.
  2. MLS Offers understands that training, support, and service are critical to the success of any software application.
  3. MLS Offers is what Kinney believes will be a standard in the real estate industry.

If I am an MLS or an Association of REALTORS® executive in real estate and see a statement like this from Teresa King Kinney – I want to learn more.

Use this lens to think about how you communicate to your target customers. If you need help, WAV Group Communications can fix it.