Help brokers understand how RESO standardized data delivered via the RESO Web API will help them bring new technology solutions to market and differentiate their messaging, lead gen, market statistics and green marketing.

Thanks to MLSs across the country who have done a great job of embracing the Real Estate Standards Organization, the RESO Data Dictionary and RESO Web API. Today, 93% of all REALTORS® in America work with MLSs that are RESO Certified. Congratulations!

In practical terms that means that brokers can now improve their ability to capture leads, save searches across multiple devices, promote green properties and take credit for the listing exposure they are generating, expand into new markets more quickly and save time and money on data normalization personnel.

While RESO has done an amazing job, there is still little awareness among technology suppliers and brokers about the core advantages of RESO.

That’s where YOU come in!  RESO is asking that MLSs help drive DEMAND for RESO Data Dictionary and Web API based data feeds.

RESO knows how busy you are. That’s why they hired WAV Group to help bring you the FREE RESO Marketing Toolkit.  There are a variety of pre-created videos, banners, articles and information guides that you can provide to your technology partners and brokers to help drive interest in RESO feeds.

It’s a very tangible way to demonstrate how much you are looking out for your broker’s best interest.

Click HERE to request your FREE marketing toolkit!

Your brokers will thank you for it!