We love to see consolidation success stories. It can be SO difficult to bring neighboring associations together.   We had the pleasure of interviewing Dionna Hall to describe the merger in South Florida that resulted in created the 3rd largest real estate Association in America with 30,000 members.   We were so impressed with this effort that we awarded the organization with our first ever WAVES of Change Award!

Here’s how will this consolidation help brokers and agents in South Florida.

Front end of choice

Members of the newly formed organization will have a choice of TWO MLS systems giving them more flexibility and ways to serve their clients.

One set of rules and regulations

Brokers will now benefit from one set of rules and regulations making it easier to train all agents to submit and update their listings correctly.

One data feed for IDX on brokers; expanded listing exposure

South Florida listings will have a ton more exposure now because 30,000 agents will now be able to promote their listings to a lot more prospects. 

More influential political mass

With advocacy, there is strength in numbers.  South Florida’s advocacy efforts will now benefit from a much larger political force.

Smaller regional boards for local representation

Interestingly the organization is creating smaller regional boards to screen local candidates and provide input into the overall operation.

Check out this exciting video with Dionna to learn all about how they achieved this great program!