Thought LeaderHow confident are you in the US economy? That’s just one of the questions that for the last six years Imprev has asked top executives as part of its annual Thought Leader Real Estate Confidence Survey.

Its 2017 Survey is now underway, and if you are a brokerage industry Thought Leader, Imprev wants you to participate.

The Survey is designed expressly for broker-owners, and C-level executives – Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, basically every title that begins with a “C” – who manage real estate franchises or brokerages.

You can access it here:

Two great things about this survey, which Imprev CEO Renwick Congdon crafted back in 2012. First, Imprev has been tracking the data for these same questions year-after-year and the results always provide great insight to outlook real estate leaders have going into the new year. Because Imprev has no dog in this hunt, it shares the data with everyone for free. And if you participate in the survey, you get the results first. Second, Imprev uses the survey to help brokerages generate local publicity, again for free.

Here’s how the free publicity part works. At the end of the survey, after you have completed all 9 questions, which should take all of about three minutes, there is one more question Imprev asks: “May we share your contact information with journalists as a source for a quote when the survey results are released?”

Imprev has this really smart PR firm (that shall remain nameless to protect the guilty and make this column seem less self-serving) that creates local media lists based on everyone who shares their contact info. When Imprev issues the findings in its news release, every local reporter in each market is sent the contact information of the local broker(s) in their area as a potential resource for a quote, since the broker(s) participated in the survey.

It’s a win-win as brokerages have been getting free local publicity for years as a result and Imprev has gained more visibility in local markets across the country as a result.

Again, if you are a real estate brokerage executive, the link to participate in this survey is below, but please hurry, as Imprev will be closing this survey link within the next few days: