Founded in 1991 with a vision to help streamline the conventional real estate paperwork process, zipLogix™ has evolved under the nearly 18-year leadership of CEO Joel Singerto become the leading forms management software solution for Realtor Associations and MLSs in North America.

Now the company has a new full time chief executive officer, Scott Strong, based in Michigan, to lead the company though its next phase of enormous growth. The National Association of REALTORS® extended zipLogix™’s trio of transaction management products (zipForm® Plus, zipTMS® and  zipVault®) to the entire membership of 1.3 million REALTORS® as a NAR Transaction Management Benefit, creating the need to onboard markets faster than ever.

Since the NAR announcement, zipLogix™ has been on a journey of integrating forms from across America, signing forms licensing agreements. In parallel, they are licensing the MLS data to hydrate the forms. For folks like us, this is a massive undertaking. One thing that they slipped into the press release announcing Strong was that they are doing an integration with WiseAgent CRM, which will become the company’s zipCRM™ offering. zipLogix™ plans to continue to invest and enhance up front lead management and marketing automation capabilities for REALTORS® and brokers. This first release of zipCRM™ is the start of providing early capabilities for REALTORS® to nurture individuals along the home buying and selling lifecycle.

I was able to catch up with Mr. Strong by phone to gain his early perspective about the industry. The first thing that I can tell you is that his background in international SaaS products is legit. He brings deep experience to zipLogix™. He comes from Siemens where he was VP of Consumer Products and Retail and has previously been CEO of a global software company. He also has a real estate broker in his immediate family, so he has real estate in his blood.

Our conversation confirmed that the home buying lifecycle needs to improve for all parties involved. Strong agrees that if we can apply responsible security and encryption to the forms data though bi-directional APIs, then we can make the home buying lifecycle integrated. He agrees that everyone has these walls around their data and applications today. zipLogix™ is committed to secure integrations where the needs of the consumer and the REALTOR® are well served. Other industries have accomplished secure ecosystems and if we keep the consumer at the center of our mission, it shouldn’t be hard.

Please join me in welcoming Scott Strong to our industry. He will be joining so many of us as we tour America on the convention road. His current plans include the Association Executives Institute and NAR Midyear. But don’t be surprised if he hits some others too. Scott Strong made a very good first impression on me, and I commend the zipLogix™ Board of Directors in bringing in a great person.