Gabriels Technology Solutions (Gabriels or GTS) has been flying under the radar for literally more than 20 years. In that time, Manhattan real estate entrepreneur Michael Gabriel built the world’s leading provider of internet technologies and services for the most prestigious Gabriels logonames in the news business: The New York Times, Boston Globe and 500 more media companies around the globe. GTS powered their real estate sections, including the creation of some of the most innovative multi-lingual web technology our industry has seen.

Now Gabriels has once again quietly become the number one technology provider for luxury real estate brands worldwide: Sotheby’s AND Christie’s, as well as Rodeo Realty, Saunders and many other prestigious regional and local luxury real estate brands.

We will explore more about Gabriels in a more detailed post, but here is their recent news release, detailing their remarkable accomplishments for a mid-Manhattan-based company many folks in real estate may have never heard of – until now:

Gabriels Technology Solutions Emerges as Leading Tech Provider to
World’s Most Prestigious Luxury Real Estate Brands

New York, NY – February 13, 2018 – The world’s leading provider of internet technologies and services for major news media outlets across the globe, Gabriels Technology Solutions (, has emerged as the leading technology provider to the most prestigious luxury real estate brands worldwide. Today, Gabriels provides advanced real estate technology solutions to Sotheby’s International Realty and Christie’s International Real Estate and other major regional luxury brands, serving brokerage firms and major media companies in 42 states and over 30 countries worldwide.

After two decades providing technology and services for the most coveted media brands – including The New York Times and The Boston Globe  – Gabriels latest innovations include real estate websites, CRM, lead management and marketing solutions for real estate brokers that serve U.S. and international markets. Gabriels Technology Solutions develops, powers and manages the Affinity Global Real Estate Website Platform and Xcelerate CRM, Lead Management and Marketing Platform.

Michael Gabriel, Owner of Gabriels Technology Solutions

Gabriels Technology Solutions is the brainchild of one of Manhattan’s most tenacious real estate industry innovators and entrepreneurs, Michael Gabriel. He has quietly built a juggernaut of a luxury real estate tech firm, replicating what he accomplished in the media industry when he established the firm in 1995 and landed The New York Times, after he had briefly established the first MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Manhattan.

Last year, Gabriels clients sold more than $250 billion of real estate, and Gabriels managed more than 2 million properties listed by brokerages. Gabriels also managed client website traffic that cumulatively generated more than 35 million monthly visitors, attracted by the more than 300 data sources that Gabriels deploys and administers daily.

“Luxury real estate brands need the most advanced technology in order to be competitive with consumer home search portals and stay ahead of rival brokerages, demand the most consistent, reliable service, and require forward-thinking customization,” said Michael Gabriel, owner of Gabriels Technology Solutions based in Manhattan.

“It’s why we have been a strong partner of the most recognized media company in the world, The New York Times Company, for 20 years,” Gabriel added. “It’s why the two most prestigious luxury real estate brands in the world, Sotheby’s International Realty and Christie’s International Real Estate, are strong partners of ours. It’s why the first national website to support Matterport 3D immersion virtual tours with virtual reality capabilities was, powered by Gabriels,” he added. “We can provide entirely customized solutions that look entirely different that adapt to the business objectives of our partners. This level of customization to scale is rare in real estate and a big advantage we have in the marketplace,” he explained.

Site visit to lead closed

While Gabriels reputation for delivering advanced website technology at scale may be unrivaled, leveraging its expertise by providing clients with CRM (customer relationship management), lead management and marketing services, successful integrations with third party and internal applications or data sources has been an area of focus that has exponentially increased the value of our products and services for our partners.

“Gabriels can help brokerages connect their agents with home buyers and sellers long before a lead is generated or a call is made,” says Tom Morgan, who heads up Gabriels Technology Solutions sales and marketing efforts. The offering, Morgan says, is Gabriel’s “site visit to lead closed” solution.

“Our Affinity Global Real Estate Website platform provides brokers their best opportunity to make a lasting first impression,” said Morgan. He explains that brokerages need to establish their companies in the mind of consumers as the local market leader when it comes to buying or selling a home.

To do that, according to Morgan, brokerages must offer the right real estate website features, including fast page loading, easy and efficient navigation, comprehensive property search, mobile friendly (responsive web) design, ability to save and receive alerts on preferred searches and ‘liked’ listings, market and school data, agent websites, and most importantly, hyperlocal content.

“Uniquely, Gabriels can provide clients hyperlocal content, from interactive school mapping to neighborhood listings to local market statistics to local community guides,” Morgan said, adding, “This allows a broker or agent to truly represent themselves as a local area expert.”

Morgan said that Gabriels began to expand its offerings to include a fully integrated brokerage solution – including Xcelerate CRM, Lead Management and Marketing platform – because of client demand. “The goal of any CRM solution is to help build long term customer relationships,” he said. “Real estate brokers will tell you the problem with most CRMs is that they are too complicated, isn’t integrated, nor provides a full breadth of tools, and therefore falls short of agent expectations, means poor agent adoption. We designed Xcelerate to solve that problem: to be easy to use with on-the-go, simple tools, including lead aggregation, lead routing, listing email campaigns, property websites, marketing brochures and contact management – all in one.”

When clients integrate with both Affinity and Xcelerate owner Michael Gabriel says, that’s when they achieve the “online Holy Grail in real estate: taking customers from site visit to lead closed.”

Luxury expertise for all

Although Gabriels Technology Solutions was built serving best brands in business, the one thing Gabriel and Morgan don’t want the real estate brokerage world to think is that they only serve luxury brands. “While our goal will be to remain the leading luxury real estate technology provider worldwide, we will always leverage that expertise to serve brokerage brands in all markets,” Gabriel said.

“There are huge advantages and benefits that non-luxury brands receive working with Gabriels,” added Morgan. “What we learn working with the best brands in media and real estate forces us to make cutting edge innovations with our technology and eventually everyone benefits from those enhancements. But even more importantly, the discipline we bring to our customer service and our development cycles, as well as our ability to be a forward-thinking, nimble partner provides services that most brokerages won’t see from a typical cookie-cutter website provider,” he added.

About Gabriels Technology Solutions (GTS)

Established in 1995, Gabriels Technology Solutions is located in midtown Manhattan with company-owned overseas operations in Brasov, Romania and Chennai, India. Its 200-strong workforce includes software engineers, programmers, data analysts and technology leaders with expertise in developing scalable, search engine optimized, custom web applications. GTS applications, including the Affinity Global Real Estate Website Platform and Xcelerate CRM, Lead Management & Marketing Platform, serves real estate brokerage firms and major media companies in 42 states and over 35 countries worldwide. GTS is at

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