TOHWhen Elm Street Technology partnered with This Old House, the primary goal of the partnership was to allow brokerages and MLSs to have access to the high-quality video content.

In prior webinars, we showed reports about the benefits of This Old House video in delivering more time on site, more page views per visit, and better lead generation.

The other half of the This Old House network is that they have targeted advertisers. They have relationships with major television advertisers that have now contracted with This Old House for digital advertising. MLS and broker websites now have the opportunity to generate tier one ad revenue though the This Old House network.

Joining us on the call will be Richard Swerdlow, CEO of who have more than doubled his company’s ad revenue and achieved other business advantages as a result of the partnership.

The webinar will review the features of the network and recap the benefits to MLS and Broker website owners so you know how you can get started with improving your effectiveness in engaging consumers and driving more ad revenue.

Register here for the webinar which be held on May 10th at 10:00am Pacific.