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How Do You Know If You Are Making Well-Informed Decisions to Keep Your Organization Vital?

The end of the year is on the horizon and many associations and MLSs have begun to budget and are thinking about what services they should offer their members in 2019 and beyond. Don’t miss out on the WAVes of Change in 2019, be sure to plan accordingly!

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Join DocuSign for “Fend off the Competition from New Brokerage Models”

Don't miss "Fend off the Competition from New Brokerage Models". Learn how to best support your agents by registering today for DocuSign and RE Technology’s webinar on Wednesday, August 22nd at 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET.

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Don’t Miss Transaction Fee Brokerage Models Are Growing Fast, Join this Webinar to Gain Perspective from Rick Haase

WAV Group will be hosting a free informational webinar Monday, July 9th at 10am Pacific. The most rapid growth in real estate brokerage has happened with 100% commission firms, otherwise known as Transaction Fee Brokerages. 

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Don’t Miss Increasing Consumer Engagement on Your Website – It’s All About the Content

WAV Group will be hosting a free informational webinar on Thursday 10th May at 10am PST to display the benefits for MLSs and Brokerages to participate in the This Old House Real Estate Network. TOHREN will introduce Condo.com, an existing partner to demonstrate benefits and assist in illustrating how real estate firms can participate.

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myPlanit Receives First Ever 5-Star Product Rating from Inman

WAV GROUP has gotten acquainted with myPlanit and it's CEO Adrienne Meisels. Adrienne is a fantastic person who is super smart and developing a very creative application that lets agents look at a map to see the places they have gone (like listing appointments, open houses, etc) and visualize their journey on a timeline. It's a lot more than that, but you can appreciate how this example would benefit an agent. Adrienne uses the term The Internet of You. myPlanit does the work for you by privately and securely tracking the things that you do, for you. Inman News gave [...]

Swanepoel Power 200 Honors 2018 Industry Leaders

Just this week the, Swanepoel Power 200 was released, naming the Top 200 people in the real estate industry. Inman News dropped their Top 100 Influencers list – so Swanepoel is the one and only definitive list. The 2017 Swanepoel Power 200 list is “truly designed to recognize the most powerful and influential in our business,” According to Swanepoel T3.  “It is culled from over 3 million real estate professionals, with less than 0.01% selected to be included. The firm spends over 400 hours in researching and analyzing the rankings. Leaders from all residential real estate brands, brokerages, technology companies, [...]

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Don’t Miss Out On This Spooktacular Deal!

With 2018 fast approaching, ensure that your leadership team, staff and brokers are well informed with the essential information they need to make SMART and WELL-INFORMED decisions in 2018. WAV Group’s highly acclaimed WAVes of Change webinar series is a GREAT way to keep your organization relevant and in sync with industry trends and ever-changing consumer requirements.

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Don’t Miss Out on our Summer Special!

With planning for 2018 on the horizon, now is a great time to reflect on the best ways to help prepare your organization for the evolutions and revolutions that may happen next year. Are you Making Informed Decisions? Many things can happen when an Association or MLS is detached and not paying attention to the transient nature of the real estate industry and market. They can delay or even completely avoid decisions because they simply seem too difficult or controversial, causing the organization to fall behind or lose its competitive advantage. Even worse, Boards of Directors who do not stay [...]

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Don’t Miss Out!

We are officially midway through 2017, now is a great time to sit back and reflect on the year so far and to begin preparing your organization for the inevitable evolutions we will experience throughout coming months and into 2018. Do you sometimes feel like your Board of Directors and key staff could benefit from a WAV Group overview of what is happening in the real estate industry today? Could your organization benefit from an information resource like WAV Group to characterize the rapid change in our industry?     Would you like an informed review of how similar MLS [...]

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