WAV GROUP has gotten acquainted with myPlanit and it’s CEO Adrienne Meisels. Adrienne is a fantastic person who is super smart and developing a very creative application that lets agents look at a map to see the places they have gone (like listing appointments, open houses, etc) and visualize their journey on a timeline. It’s a lot more than that, but you can appreciate how this example would benefit an agent. Adrienne uses the term The Internet of You. myPlanit does the work for you by privately and securely tracking the things that you do, for you. Inman News gave myPlanit the first ever 5 star review. That is a big kudo. If you are thinking about app development, you may want to look at the functionality of myPlanit. If you are looking for an app to broaden your mobile strategy for agent retention and recruiting, you may want to look at myPlanit.

Here is the release.

myPlanit Receives First Ever 5-Star Product Rating from Inman

myPlanit’s newly launched real estate app receives major accolades

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. New York, NY, (February 8, 2018): myPlanit, the patented personal data platform that delivers the Internet of You, receives the first ever 5-star product rating from Inman News. The mobile app automatically interconnects and contextualizes data scattered across calendars, contacts, places, videos and photos into a single map- and time-based user experience.

Launching in February, myPlanit for Real Estate already has brokerages and other real estate companies lining up to license the app. Northwood Realty Services, and its 1,000 sales associates in Pennsylvania and Ohio, is the first brokerage to be launching the app. myPlanit’s launch strategy will focus on the top 100 brokerages in real estate, representing 45% of the total addressable U.S. real estate market, or about 500,000 real estate agents. In some progressive markets, myPlanit will also introduce its product to MLSs and real estate associations that have more than 5,000 agent subscribers.

“myPlanit is a high-concept, visually-enthralling product designed around how the brain processes memories,” describes Craig Rowe, Inman’s technology columnist, who has been writing about real estate and software for 15 years. “It’s an original and practical business app wrapped in a user experience other developers should be emulating on their whiteboards. myPlanit can replace multiple software tools, which means adoption could render other products useless.”

“We are honored and thrilled to be the very first recipient of a 5-star technology rating,” says Adrienne Meisels, CEO and Founder, myPlanit. “The Northwood launch is the first enterprise deployment of our solution for the real estate industry. As we focus on driving adoption across the largest firms, MLSs and associations in the United States, we will be expanding our technology to address the enterprise marketplace for massive sales teams in other industry verticals.”

This launch in real estate is in anticipation of the development of myPlanit’s software development kit that will be offered to other industries for integration into their mobile solutions. With this technology, myPlanit will be able to drive the next generation of the Internet: truly personalized computing, where your apps and devices know you on an individual level to deliver highly personalized, predictive digital experiences.

myPlanit is currently raising their next round of investment. Qualified investors are welcome to reach out to get information.

For brokerages interested in learning more about myPlanit for Real Estate, please contact: info@myplanit.com. To read myPlanit’s 5-star review, go to: http://bit.ly/2FAdvzR.

About myPlanit

myPlanit is a global, personal big data company focused on helping people manage, connect and mine their digital data to make it more meaningful, intelligent and actionable myPlanit’s patented contextual data platform provides a standardized way to organize disparate digital information and can be integrated into other platforms to provide companies and brands the ability to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences and insights. myPlanit has used their patented data platform to build two apps, one for consumers and one for real estate agents and their clients. Both apps automatically, and privately, record your real-world activity in context — across place and time — by using device sensors and intelligently connecting relevant data from your disparate apps (contacts, photos, calendar, places and more). The real estate app also integrates the industry specific data of MLS listings and serves as a personal assistant for agents. In addition, both apps offer a unique, dynamic and multi-faceted visual of your life as you live it and the ability to search your life by place or time via the world’s first visual search.

To find out more go to www.myplanit.com

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