Are you afraid your real estate organization will not survive for the long haul?

There are billions of dollars pouring into our industry today-- investment bankers and venture capitalists alike have caught the real estate bug. If the programs and companies you offer don’t meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, then you’re not going to be around for long. 

Are Zillow ShowingTime® Fears Irrational or Real?

When Zillow Group® announced the acquisition of ShowingTime®, the industry began kicking up dust the same way they did after the DotLoop® deal.

WAV GROUP Managing Partners, Clients Prevail in RISMedia’s Top 2020 Newsmakers & Swanepoel Power 200

The new year brings many reasons for celebration at WAV Group as managing partners Marilyn Wilson, Victor Lund and a number of our clients are recognized on RISMedia’s 2020 Real Estate Newsmakers and Swanepoel’s Power 200 rankings.

Don’t Get Left behind! Top 5 Ways to Make 2020 the Year for Your MLS to Re-invent Itself Before It’s Too Late!

MLSs around the country are worried that their software, services or support are not keeping up. How can you stay current when you operate in just one small market and have had the same board members recycling through your organization for years? Here are five ways that the WAVes of Change program have helped MLSs be more successful.

Is your MLS prepared for what it takes to survive and thrive? Find out the biggest threats for the future

Here’s what can happen when organizations fall out of touch: decisions seem difficult or controversial, causing delays for the organization and leaving it to fall behind or lose their competitive advantage.

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Cultivating Transformation is a Key to Successful Boards and CEOs

The most successful business leaders in real estate understand that perpetual change is an intrinsic part of organizational culture. So, how do you reach that place?

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MLS Change is Picking Up Speed

For years, WAV Group has provided an industry update as a key component of our strategic planning process. The industry update serves to inform board directors of key strategic actions that are being explored around the industry. Some of these actions become trends, others provide improvements, and some crash and burn. Regardless of success or failure, change is always a learning opportunity.

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Let 2019 Be THE Year For Your Organization to Make Big Moves!

Happy New Year!  At this time of year, we all have high hopes of making moves on the areas that we know to improve on. Many MLS organizations are worried they maybe falling behind and putting themselves at risk of becoming obsolete.

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Does Your MLS/Association Have What it Takes to Survive for the Long Haul?

While the daily operations of an Association and MLS may not feel the pressures of the changing real estate industry the signs are all around us. From the billions in new investment, to nationwide industry initiatives, to the ever-increasing influence and scope of third party portals, the real estate industry is changing rapidly.

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Don’t Miss Out On This Spooktacular Deal!

With 2018 fast approaching, ensure that your leadership team, staff and brokers are well informed with the essential information they need to make SMART and WELL-INFORMED decisions in 2018. WAV Group’s highly acclaimed WAVes of Change webinar series is a GREAT way to keep your organization relevant and in sync with industry trends and ever-changing consumer requirements.

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