WAVes of ChangeHappy New Year!  At this time of year, we all have high hopes of making moves on the areas that we know to improve on. Many MLS organizations are worried they maybe falling behind and putting themselves at risk of becoming obsolete.

If you’re an MLS or Association leader and want to be sure that your organization doesn’t fall further behind the curve in 2019, we have a great program for you!

We call it the WAV Group WAVes of Change program.  The goal of the program is to ensure that Associations and MLSs can make sound, well-informed decisions by arming their staff and leadership team with the information and insights they need.

The WAVes of Change program is a series of 4 online sessions designed to inspire new thinking after educating your entire team on the important issues facing our industry, brokers, agents and MLSs.   These highly focused 1-hour sessions provide a digest of the most important topics that MLSs need to ensure they are meeting the needs of their members and helping their subscribers stay relevant and engaging for home buyers and sellers.

During each session we cover the following types of topics:

  • Industry Trends
  • Industry Disruptors
  • First looks at industry and consumer research
  • Best practices sharing
  • Emerging technology trends and how they will impact real estate
  • Real Estate Data Trends
  • Real Estate Business Intelligence Trends

All of these topics can be used to inform MLS Strategic Plans and on-going decisions for your local organization.

The good news?  Your entire team doesn’t need to spend thousands travelling all over the country to conferences and buying every real estate report available to stay up to speed.  We do the work for you and boil it down into engaging, compact one hour sessions.

If you would like to join thousands of your peers around the country and learn more about how your organization can participate in the WAVes of Change series in 2019, please contact me at 805 748-9118 or marilyn@wavgroup.com.

Our first session will be held in just a few weeks so don’t miss out!