2020 New Year

The new year brings many reasons for celebration at WAV Group as managing partners Marilyn Wilson, Victor Lund and a number of our clients are recognized on RISMedia’s 2020 Real Estate Newsmakers and Swanepoel’s Power 200 rankings.

Nomination process

RISMedia’s 2020 Real Estate Newsmakers were first nominated in 2019 by RISMedia readers and editors and then later grouped into the following categories: Hall of Fame, Influencers, Trailblazers, Futurists, Achievers, Crusaders, Inspirations, Luminaries and Trendsetters.

Swanepoel’s Power 200 (SP200) ranks the most powerful leaders in the residential real estate brokerage industry based on eight different criteria that can be found here.

Founding partners and clients recognized

Wilson, named again as one of the top 2020 Crusaders of the year and a Swanepoel Power 200 has been recognized for her diligent efforts in helping to improve MLS Policy by bringing together the needs of brokerages and MLSs for many years. She has facilitated ground-breaking strategic plans to prepare organizations to maintain their relevance and profitability for the future as well as leading the industry’s only consumer research panel.

Marilyn has been instrumental in helping to increase industry awareness and adoption of RESO Data Standards as well as significantly increasing broker and vendor membership to this important industry movement. She has also recruited some of the industry’s most important leaders. Marilyn’s passion to improve the real estate industry truly shines through when she delivers the quarterly WAVes of Change educational series that is designed to drive positive waves of change by educating industry leaders about emerging trends, technologies and best practices.

Lund, recognized as a top 2020 Influencer as well as a Swanepoel Power 200 for his thought leadership and wide-ranging involvement within the real estate industry, brings diversity in his advisory roles. In addition to being a managing partner of WAV Group and founder and CEO of RE Technology, Lund is a manager of the highly successful Broker Public Portal (BPP) which now serves over 1 million agents and has delivered 2 million free leads to agents across the country.

Like many successful partnerships, the WAV Group managing partners bring a balance in strategic thinking, and it shows in their consulting services. When you breakdown the number of RIS Media 2020 Real Estate Newsmakers Honorees, WAV Group has advised nearly half of this year’s 300 being recognized.

Of the ten Newsmakers Hall of Fame inductees, WAV Group has advised seven of them. In the other Newsmaker categories, they have advised 25 of the 39 Influencers, 19 of the 42 Trailblazers, 25 of the 42 Futurists, 9 of the 45 Achievers, 11 of the 28 Crusaders, 5 of the 35 Inspirations, 16 of the 24 Luminaries, and 3 of the 25 Trendsetters.

As for Swanepoel’s Power 200 list, WAV Group has advised over half of the Swanepoel Power 200 serving 33 of the top 50, 24 of the 51-100, 25 of the 101-150, and 23 of the 151-200.

Looking to become an industry leader yourself?

WAV Group would love to help you become a leader that creates waves of positive change in your community, company or category. We can help you with strategy, sales, staffing, sourcing new technologies, or securing press – whatever it takes for you to create your own wave of success.

Don’t wait to make 2020 your best year ever! You must start today as it’s in the WAVes of change where you will find your true direction.