MLSs around the country are worried that their software, services or support are not keeping up. What if a venture-backed outsider comes in and offers a free MLS just to mine the gold of real estate data? What if a new MLS competitor goes after your members?

tree that is a human head, roots that are a human skullHow do you know if YOUR MLS is keeping up?  How can you stay current when you operate in just one small market and have had the same board members recycling through your organization for years?

If your MLS organization has asked itself these questions, then it may be time to turn to WAV Group for help. We have been serving small and large Associations/MLSs around the country for years with an online education program called the WAVes of Change.

Here are five ways that the WAVes of Change program have helped MLSs be more successful:

  1. Informative Research – Deliver insightful and prescriptive consumer and industry research to WAVes of Change subscribers BEFORE anyone else
  2. Save on Travel Cost/Time – Save MLSs thousands by bringing the key findings of conferences to light instead of MLSs sending multiple leaders to multiple conferences 
  1. Level Set Discussions on Breaking News – WAV Group will explain emerging trends, new industry initiatives and disruptors in unbiased Plain English so that every board member will have a more thorough understanding to encourage much more insightful and thoughtful discussions making your MLS board more productive and effective
  2. Learn from the Best and Brightest MLSs – because WAV Group works with so many MLSs around the country, they are privy to some of the most interesting methods for engaging members and delivering lasting, relevant value. During the WAVes of Change discussions, we will share those best practices to make it easier for every participating MLS to innovate and follow the lead of MLS trailblazers
  3. Prepare Your Leaders – WAV Group fields more MLS member satisfaction research than anyone in the country. We KNOW what drives what customer satisfaction and loyalty. In every one of the four online sessions per year, WAV Group will outline ways for you to improve customer satisfaction without spending thousands. We will help prepare your leaders with the right leadership techniques to drive your organization to the next level of success.

We’re taking orders for our 2020 sessions now. Every year, more and more of the industry’s leaders and influencers leverage this program, so order now before we sell out! Don’t miss out on one of the most effective ways to ensure the long-term success of your MLS organization.

Contact Marilyn Wilson at to purchase your organization’s subscription to success today!

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