We’ve made it halfway through the year, and the nation’s MLSs now begin to set their sights on defining their 2020 budgets. While the thought of budgeting may enchant only a handful of readers, this daunting task stands as one of the most crucial processes that an MLS board performs each year. Fiscal planning of this nature includes framing the changes in MLS services that drive strategy to effectively serve participants and subscribers next year.

Some of the major industry changes impacting MLSs today have already been transforming real estate for a number of years. They include succession planning, the role of the REALTOR® Association in supporting MLS services, agent satisfaction across all MLS tools, broker satisfaction across all tools, team strategy, data sharing, consolidation, competitive positioning, and so much more.

WAV Group is a leading strategic planning partner to MLSs and Associations and has been for almost two decades. At times, our services can be limited to an industry update to set the stage for the choices your board will face. Many MLSs chose our full suite of strategic planning and budgeting services that includes satisfaction research, benchmarking, focus groups, committee effectiveness assessment, security analysis, vendor selection, communication audits and more.

If you would like a proposal for your budgeting process, please reach out to have a confidential conversation about how we can help. We can define what is appropriate and provide a proposal.

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