Woman thinking with super shadowWAVes of Change is a program designed for and offered to organizations that want to culturally embrace change. The real estate industry is evolving faster today than ever before. Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep track. Every day we see new emerging business models, novel best practices, emerging policies, transformative standards, or any number of interesting changes that are signals to developing threats or benefits. The most successful business leaders in real estate understand that perpetual change is an intrinsic part of organizational culture. So, how do you reach that place?

WAVes of Change is a series that helps organizations solve today’s challenges, explore new opportunities for success, and imagine the future by delivering quarterly industry updates to keep your leadership informed. It allows progressive organizations to consider changes that are impacting your business and introduce topics that may shape your company’s priorities or strategic plans. Jack Welch, the former chief executive of General Electric, once said: “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

Do Not Isolate Your Organization

Change is something that happens “to you” or “for you.” One of the best features of the real estate industry is the health of cooperation. The benefit is that when your organization sets out on a journey of progressive change, there are likely to be other organizations around the industry working toward the same goal. When companies cooperate with others to manage and experiment with change, the sharing of experiences leads to improved speed and effectiveness. Isolation in change management is risky and requires organizations to invest too heavily. Some great examples of companies managing collaborative change in the industry together include the Real Estate Standards Organization, The Grid, The Broker Public Portal, The Fair Display Guidelines, Upstream, and many more. WAVes of Change delivers a wide array of updates to these important developments so that your organization may cultivate an intimate perspective on innovative solutions that may improve your company or even create a new standard of practice that improves the entire real estate industry.

Change is Hard

Fundamentally, managing change effectively is about people and communications. Your leadership people need the opportunity to collect information about how our industry is transforming and reflect to create a consensus on your company’s strategy. Sometimes you will pivot to embrace a strategy, at other times you may caucus to eliminate another.

Apathy is Bad

Real estate resists change as much, if not more than any other industry because we have evolved through legacy. The biggest threat to change management is apathy among your leadership. WAVes of Change is an information source that keeps your leadership informed to make the right decisions to stay agile. We have priced the program to make it affordable for State Associations of REALTORS®, local boards, and MLSs who want to stay current on how the industry is evolving.

Each quarterly WAVes of Change session is a live one hour webinar. It’s also recorded and provided to you to share with your leadership. Contact WAV Group today for a proposal. We hope you will join us.